Hi, welcome to My Hand To Lift You! My name is Carol but everyone calls me Carly.  I started this mission to reach out to women in the s-x industry who work in the Greater Toronto Area and Lord willing other surrounding areas as well to give women the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ.  This is a mission of Toronto Baptist Church.


Our vision is to give the gospel, to give counsel from the Authorized King James Bible 1611 and to help with physical needs as the LORD provides for those who want to leave the s-x industry. We would like to see these women attend Toronto Baptist Church a place where they are wanted and loved.  We have a temporary place for human trafficking victims to stay but it is my hope and prayers that God will provide a long term safehouse in Toronto for trafficking victims and also for women who want to leave but have no where else to go. They need a safe place where they can heal physically and spiritually as well as prepare themselves for a job. 

Addictions are part of the s-x industry: alcohol, drugs, s-x, porn or anything else.  We just started Reformers Unanimous to help people who are struggling with all sorts of addictions these meetings are held every Friday night at 7 pm. This is different than AA and other sorts of help that the world offers that does not work RU works because our foundation is God's word and there are Godly people who will truly be there for you. We do not discuss past drug abuse and other such things like other groups do.


God has truly answered prayers to open doors for me to reach s-x workers in the GTA! Ever since I was saved seven years ago I prayed for the women and all the staff whom I once worked with in str-ip clubs that they all would receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour. I pray for women and men everywhere working in the s-x industry that they will have eternal life.


When this ministry was started we would put together little gift bags for the women working in str-ip clubs. Each bag had a few girly gifts, a comic book gospel tract and a card. With the help of other members of my Church we went into the str-ip clubs to bring the woman these gift bags to show them that we love them and most of all that The Lord Jesus Christ loved them. Many clubs have received us, thus far only a few refused us and one of the clubs that refused us welcomed us back. So the Lord is really working miracles in these last days! Praise Him! I have left my cards out for street prostitutes to take when they find them and I pray for anyone whom receives my cards that they will call us. 


I continue to leave gospel tracts out on the streets for women working as prostitutes within Toronto.


Born-again believers, please pray for us that we can continue to reach these women, that they will be saved both physically and spiritually. Also pray that strong brothers in Christ will rise up to reach out to men who are in the s-x industry. Thank you!