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The Lord officially opened the doors to begin this outreach to trafficked/prostituted women and girls on August 7, 2011 this is a ministry of Toronto Baptist Church. We do not rely on government funding nor do we rely on monetary donations nor hold functions or sales to raise money from the public. All the money invested in this ministry is the work of this Church.  We are women reaching women we have reached many strip clubs in Toronto, Mississauga and Vaughn. We have also left cards with our women's helpline and gospel tracts in areas where prostituted women typically are on the streets, and distributed gospel tracts as well as John and Romans to some s-x related businesses.


Reaching women and girls to offer them a way of escape from being forced by pimps and traffickers into having s-x with people for money which we commonly know as prostitution or human trafficking. We also reach out to girls and women who are not under a pimp or trafficker but just want to leave the bondage of any aspect of the s-x "industry". To give these women the gospel, to give counsel from the Authorized King James Bible 1611, offer an invitation to Church and to help with their physical needs as the LORD provides.  We reach out to women of any age not just the youth.


By God's grace we would like to have our own independent long term safe house where women who are victims of pimping and human trafficking can stay for up to one year to heal and get themselves back on their feet.

To reach the Massage Parlors in the Toronto area.

To see people become free from the bondage of pornography.

To see born-again men raised up to do a similar work to reach boys, men, pimps and johns.

We need laborers for the harvest so we need born-again women to join us. God may be calling you to this ministry!


Please prayerfully consider if God would have you to take part of  the My Hand To Lift You outreach and bring it up to your Pastor whether you are already in a good scriptural Church to serve along side us or whether you are being called to be a member of Toronto Baptist Church to serve with us. To know more about our beliefs visit I can be contacted at