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The Lord opened the doors to begin this outreach on August 7, 2011 this is a ministry of Toronto Baptist Church. We do not rely on government funding nor do we rely on monetary donations from the public as this is the work of the Church. We do need born again women to join us in this outreach. 

Our vision is to reach out to women whom are working in the s-x "industry" by preaching the gospel, to give counsel from the Authorized King James Bible 1611, to help pimped/trafficked victims get to a place of safety and help with their physical needs as the LORD provides.  The Lord gave us open doors to reach out to str-ip clubs in the Greater Toronto Area, and to place gospel tracts along with cards that have the number for the women's helpline we also placed cards and tracts were pros-titued women frequently go in Toronto. We also had the privilege of bringing gospel tracts along with John and Romans newtestaments to some massage parlors and s-x related business'. 

We welcome women who are in the s-x "industry" (and those whom have left already) to attend Toronto Baptist Church, God loves them and wants to free them from the bondage that the s-x "industry" is, we do not recognize the exchange of money for some type of s-x as work this is why we put the word "industry" in quotes. It is not the world's oldest profession it is quite possibly the world's oldest oppression.  It is also my hope and prayers that God will provide us with a long term safehouse for pimped/trafficked victims and also for abused women who want to leave their situation but have no where else to go. These women desperately need a safe place where they can heal physically and spiritually as well as prepare themselves for a job and live life the way it was meant to be lived. 


Please pray for this ministry and for Toronto Baptist Church. Also please pray that we not only get female laborers to reach the women but also strong brothers in Christ to reach out to men who are in the s-x industry, and will also reach out to the pimps/traffickers and johns.  Thank you!